Orthodontic Problems


This is when your teeth fight for space in your mouth, overlapping with each other like “fangs”. They are difficult to clean and not aesthetically pleasing.


This is when you have big gaps between your teeth, this causes an aesthetic problem.


This is then your upper jaw juts out over your lower jaw causing trauma to the gum and inability to chew effectively.


This is when the front teeth are unable to make contact when chewing. This is generally referred as “under bite” which tends to affect speech as well.


This is when the back teeth are biting outside the “occlusal table” of the mouth which tend to affect chewing ability and jaw joint problems.


This is when the upper front teeth stick out causing an aesthetic problem and inability to chew effectively.

Jaw mal-alignment

This is when there is discrepancy in the relative sizes of the jaws leading to inability to chew effectively.

Beside the appearance of your teeth, orthodontic treatment can contribute to overall oral health, smile, psychological wellbeing, self-esteem and confidence. Orthodontic treatment therefore should generally be seen as investing in your child’s or your future!


from Marsh House Orthodontics