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How Does Smoking Affect Orthodontic Treatment?

How Does Smoking Affect Orthodontic Treatment?

No Smoking Day is a national push to offer guidance and advice to smokers looking to throw out the cigarettes and put their health first. We are all aware of the harmful effects of smoking on our health. However, there are still a high volume of smokers who may need advice on how to care for their teeth when undergoing orthodontic treatment.

The aim of corrective dentistry is not only to create an aesthetically pleasing smile but to improve oral and dental health. Smoking however, could compromise the result of your orthodontic treatment. Find out how below.

Unsuccessful Treatments

When considering corrective dentistry, healthy gums and teeth are going to be essential for many orthodontic treatments. This assures your dentist that your oral health is strong enough to support the treatment. If you smoke during your treatment, it can heighten the risk of complications, including mouth ulcers and bleeding gums.

Vulnerable Teeth and Gums

Smoking can contribute considerably to poor oral health. It can weaken your gum tissues through plaque build-up in the pockets inbetween your teeth and gums. Then, when untreated, it can also aggravate other issues such as periodontitis and gum disease.

Unpleasant Breath

To keep your breath smelling fresh, excellent oral hygiene is essential. As well as not smoking, this also includes regular cleaning to remove leftover food debris. When inhaling a cigarette, the smoke transfers through your mouth and throat and can cause bad breath, especially when the odour attaches itself to brace fittings.

Discoloured Smile

Inhaling cigarette smoke can also be consequential for the appearance of your teeth. Yellow stains can become ingrained, making them difficult to clean away without additional dental treatments. When having your braces removed, you will also notice marked staining on your teeth. The result is that although your smile has been improved and your teeth straightened, it will be discoloured.

Where to Find Support

Staying motivated when trying to quit smoking can be an immense challenge for many smokers. Different strategies fit different people, so it is finding what works for you. For No Smoking Day 2019, ex-smokers told us using the hashtag #TellUsYourWay to share their stories and offer support.

Surrounding yourself with a strong support network can also help keep you motivated throughout your journey. Alternatives, such as e-cigarettes, can cater to your cravings and make the process less daunting. Expert help is also available through the NHS.

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